iPhones and Phonebloks


Apple’s new iPhone 5s was revealed not long ago and has already sold out in all colours, proving just how popular the iPhone is even with doubts in regards to security with their new Touch ID Fingerprint technology. Adding to this The Verge has now reported that hackers have already discovered a way to bypass the fingerprint technology by “using easy everyday means”.


The iPhone is as popular as ever but recently a video on a “Phonebloks” concept has gone viral, with the video receiving more than 13 million views on YouTube in less than two weeks. The concept revolves around reducing waste in the form of electronic devices, by creating a smartphone made up of components – bloks – that can be exchanged when in need of repair or an upgrade. A fun concept, and definitely something worth supporting, but the 10 million dollar/euro/pound/*insert currency of your choice* question is: Will It Work? IMO the answer is no. It is said on their website that in order for this project to succeed, they need partners that are willing to come together and invest. Will giants like Apple and Samsung be willing to sacrifice their slice of market share to help develop something where the return – perhaps/most likely – won’t be anywhere near as great as what they have now? How many investors would the project need to get it up and running? How long would it take before we even get to see the first Phoneblok smartphone? And how much would a “standard” model cost?

The video may have gone viral, and at this moment 295,698,745 have supported the concept, but let’s see what happens after their deadline on Oct. 29th…


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